Menolyrical; Final Friday Fiction

    From 'Ideas and Opinions', Albert Einstein
    1.  its director
    2.  although
    1.  constant interaction
    Resting beneath their home tree, the dark having fallen, Hill Bert and Low Sooz chewed the cud of the froth moss. They had mated in the first year of Hill Bert's routh. Low Sooz was an entire year older and first-calved already, but they were well-matched. She had accepted him as her permanent. For five years they had produced fine calves and cemented their worth to the herd.
    "Do you believe Vidge? That he wants you to become the director?"
    Hill Bert snorted. "'Director'?" He paused and considered the word. "Although, that may be a better description than 'leader'. It would be fair to say keeping a herd of Twiglets in order is more about pointing a direction than having them follow. Vidge always stands behind, bellowing at us all."
    Low Sooz sniggered. "Yes, but do you believe him? It seems designed to unsettle the herd, favouring us over the second to ninth."
    "It does. Yet I also sense the change which Vidge wishes for our herd. He has smelled the flames of the cannibals. He knew what we would find. It is dangerous knowledge which we must safeguard. Think about the eight before us. The top job requires a talent for constant interaction. Do any of that eight strike you as being communicative? Of having the commitment to the herd over and above their own wishes? This is what Vidge needs of us. We are not shy. We are not self-centred. We know that we are We, only because of our fellow Twiglets." he saw Low Sooz watching him. Her large, oval eyes were luminous, even in the dim light of nighttime Hindertwig.
    "No. Though, it may be necessary for us to communicate with them, as we work our way. They shall need to be … pointed… in directions which might be better for them. As Vidge has done with us today."
    Hill Bert pondered this a moment. "True, but then, why does our illustrious elder not already attend to this?"
    "It could be that he must not be seen to be favouring. Rather, it must look as if we are climbing."
    "This could indeed be the case, my love! I also see why Vidge named you as second, for your insight and guidance to me are strong."  He paused as the implications of how life was about to change for them hit home. An involuntary shudder in his limbs and a sigh from the depths of his being, caused his mate to ask what was wrong.
    "Nothing more than the facing of destiny, dear one. Let us sleep now."
    (405 words)
    ©Yamini Ali MacLean 2018
    ** Well, it seems that Hindertwig is definitely turning into a serial - it even got a title! Here are the links to the first two 'episodes', but from today, there will be a separate label for it, for ease of following.

Me-noutstanding; terrific tones

Serendipity is something which happens quite a bit for me. I am inclined to consider it as a consequence of awareness+receptivity+curiosity. Almost always it comes about by my following my unfettered inquisitiveness, whether that be physically (where does this lane go?), socially (that was an interesting word to use, let me ask...) or intellectually/spiritually (I wonder...)

Serendipity is the positive consequence of such nosiness curiosity. It doesn't always come out positively! Mostly it does, though.

What serendipity took place this week then? Well, it began (last week actually) with visiting a pal's birding blog and he was showing us the Currawong species of Tasmania. A bird of which I was quite fond due to its lovely warble. I recalled a trip I had made to another of the islands and how I had noted a difference in the 'tone' or 'dialect' of the Currawong there. I did a search (you know me!!!) to see if I could support that statement, and in no time at all, I was at the website of Marc Anderson, Wild Ambience. In particular, at the Currawong page, where the different voices in NSW are recorded. I hadn't been imagining things!

Of course, if you clicked that link, you will understand that I got a bit side-tracked by Marc's site. It drew me in and before I knew it I had downloaded a couple of his albums!!! You can, of course, listen to individual items such as the Currawong one - but to have the MP3 available on the YAMroid at bedtime, or for rising in the morning is going to be so refreshing.

It reminded me very much of my walks from my home, in the nearby Kuring-Gai national park. I would wander up into the trees and just sit, listening. I can smell the eucalypts and wattles and boronia as I hear these sounds again. I consider this a very serendipitous find.

I heartily recommend you take a listen and soothe your inner being!!!

As if all that weren't enough, the bio page brought my attention to Nature Sound Map. You can go anywhere in the world and listen to what it offers. I find myself thinking, 'why is this not advertised and more widely known???' THIS is what the internet can give us! Something outstandingly beautiful, restorative, informative. On the contributors' page, you can find links to all their websites where even more gorgeous, lush sounds can be obtained. Enjoy it dear ones.

Menokakkuls; Say What???

You are going to see one image only - a gif file - and it is up to you to leave a caption in the comments!!!