Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

In the father's kitchen at lunch time. Yes, the sun was shining!

My mother had a few old plates. Nothing special, but she liked them enough to buy grips to hang them on the kitchen wall. That morning sun which glistened through the olive oil bottle above, also highlighted this one. It is actually white, with pink and green accents on the pattern. Clearly I need to work on Fudge's exposures!

This was the sun which was streaming through the father's kitchen window... but this was taken shortly after dawn and the cloud had yet to burn away. This is a sky-scene which is typical of the Bonny Land.

Back in The Hutch and looking out my window towards the Bishop's Seat and Kilbride Hill. There's that overcast, make-yer-e'en-watter kinda sky again...

 the evening, though, it means the sunsets can be quite spectacular. This was taken in the other direction, looking across the Clyde Estuary towards Wemyss just as the last flare of the day brightened the hills and glints off the docking Bute Ferry.  The piccie below is of a glass art piece I bought in Peninsula, Ohio.

Menosukhi Monday

This week, I am posting to a schedule as I have a visitor who will require full attention. More on that in due course. It may mean that comments on others' bloggies will be curtailed - but be assured I will be reading you!!!

The recent update I brought you on Isaac was taken from the online pages; last week, the postal version came through the door. It contains much more info and I thought you may like to share in it.