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Time for something completely silly. Yes. Really REALLY silly. Right through to the very end of credits. Have fun.

Menoracular; On Higher Teaching pt 7

Thus the new layout at Pradeep has the offering of the little walk through temples permitting contemplation on the Mahaavaakyas. I hope you were not too bamboozled by that summary of their essence. It felt important to share it with you. These statements arise from the Upanishads and are therefore very pertinent to the discourse which Guruji was presenting.

Another gem of the new setup was the 'walkway to realisation'. The Mahaavaakyas having now been explained in a nutshell to you, there was also a physical representation on a boardwalk incline.

© Yamini MacLean
There are quotes and prompts for contemplation to help us understand what is involved in this process.

As stated, it is not merely an intellectual exercise, but a full-immersion experience.

There are warnings also, of the many hurdles and pitfalls along the way. No matter how adept one may become, there is danger right until that goal is at last attained. It can be quite easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of self-work which must be undertaken.

The aim is to purify oneself right down to the seed of each thought. A daily struggle!

The walkway also gave encouragement and hope.

© Yamini MacLean - beware the ego pit!

© Yamini MacLean

© Yamini MacLean
At the top of the boardwalk, one turns around and can see more clearly. There is no clutter to one's vision, no distracting pattern or colour.
There is clarity.

This part of Pradeep also gave much joy.

The tie-in  to the teachings under way also added to this I suppose. 'Stuff' was getting stirred up. There was reminder of one's purpose, which may have gotten a bit crusted-over in the past three years.

There was also a sense of an ending and beginning. Exactly what that's about remains to be discovered!!!

Menoracular; On Higher Teaching pt 6

To share some of the philosophy of Vedanta, on Monday you were introduced to the Mahaavaakya "Prajnaanam Brahma".  The next level of thinking is...

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तत्त्वं असि / tat-tvam asi; That thou art.

Having resolved all doubts and concerns regarding the nature of the substratum of existence which is described as Consciousness, it must then be taken on board that, if all else arises from that cause, then 'I' the ego self, must also do so.  The guru, seeing the student is ready, heartily declares 'you are that only!' and sends the eager thinker away to ponder deeply on this part of the connection of the little self with the Big Self, the individual with the Totality.

As all doubts and concerns on this second level of acceptance clear, the student must now be wondering about what follows. Everything arises from That, and "I" am That, therefore every thing seen must be a reflection of 'myself' as That, is it not?

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अयं आत्मा ब्रह्म / ayam aatmaa brahma; 
Aatmaa and Brahma are one and the same.

Aatmaa is the individualized self, Brahma (Consciousness) is the Total Self. They are one and the same and in fact have no division. The illusion of individuality is researched at great length in the early stages of philosophical study... at this level, the sadhak is to firm up the understanding and make the Knowledge his or her own. Removing all traces of illusion is the key to this third level of thinking.

As the seeker ascends this scale of philosophical examination, the standard of meditation is also extremely high... it is not the going and sitting for musical 'time out' in nice community hall or back yard somewhere. It is not the letting of monkey mind have whatever rave party it likes as you sit with eyes closed and desire to sleep.

This is hard, focused, determined contemplation.

© Yamini MacLean
The reward for the one who can bring the mind into that pin-point, laser-sharp focus is to move into the cry, which is the fourth of the great statements.

अहं  ब्रह्मास्मि / aham brahmaasmi;
I AM Brahman (Consciousness)

It is a rare individual indeed who can scale the heights of inner research to lose that individuality and merge with the totality. Saints and sages of history have done this, however. What is more, due to the strict adherence and preservation of the scriptures, the various methods and protocols are available for all who think they would like to 'recreate the experiment'.

Many would pretend it. For the most part, the only harm done is to their own personality.

Sincere and willing participants in the discipline, though, will find great benefit along the way. Even if not attaining the highest goal, they cannot fail but to become the very best human beings possible.