Menokakkuls-chrissykuls the second

When is too much Chrissy-cute not enough???

Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

We have reached week six of the review of offerings from the TAKE bloggy. On this sixth 'day' we have Saturday Symmetry; am a huge fan of pattern and how it is found in architecture, engineering and other surprising places.


Over at Eileen's place, she had taken up a Q&A challenge. It was quite fun to read and I thought I would 'borrow' those questions to fill a post here. Some of it you will know already - then again... (capitals are only here for making the reading a bit more interesting)

1.  What is your middle name?   

2.  What was your favorite subject in school?  
                  ENGLISH - though I loved history and music and geography and art and.....

3.  What is your favorite drink? 
                  WATER; followed closely by tea

4.  What is your favorite song at the moment?  
                   Tend not to listen to 'songs'

5.  What is your favorite food? 
                   SOUP; you can't go wrong with a plate of soup! Vegetarian of course.

6.  What is the last thing you bought?  
                   HAVE JUST ORDERED FROM ETHICAL SUPERSTORE, organic groceries. 

7.  Favorite book of all time?

8.  Favorite color?
                   ORANGE AND YELLOW (can't separate those two!)

9.  Do you have any pets?
                   THE J'S WERE PART OF LIFE - Jade dog, Jasper cat and Jet the agouti. Click the                             image on the sidebar to read their stories.

10. Favorite perfume?
                   MOST PERFUMES SET OFF THE ASTHMA - I can manage Rose and Peony of                             L'Occitane or simple rose attar dabbed; but mostly, no thanks. 

11.  Favorite holiday? 
          in festival?  SHIVRATRI, but I value all holy days.

12.  Are you married?
                   NO and never

13.  Have you ever been out of the country? How many times?
                   Out of the UK? YES! Have traveled and lived in many places; am a naturalised                          Aussie and would love to have an official 'world citizen' classification!
14.  Do you speak any other language?
                   hmmm 'speak' might be a stretch, but have learned Russian, French, German, Hindi                             and Sanskrit. The trouble with language - no use, will lose...

15.  How many siblings do you have?
                   TWO SISTERS, ONE BROTHER

16.  What is your favorite shop?
                   ...nah.... shopping is a chore for me

17.  Favorite restaurant?
                   ..again... not my thing

18.  When was the last time you cried? 
                   NOVEMBER 10th - for the Maestro's concert

19.  Favorite blog?
                   OH CRIKEY - HAVE YOU SEEN MY BLOGROLL??? It's there for a reason!

20.  Favorite movie?
                   nope, can't really say one here either! I have on my DVD shelves all the Star Trek,                             some Bollywood, The Full Monty, Daniel Craig James Bond, several dog-                                   movies, Best Marigold Hotel...

21.  Favorite TV show?.
                   AM GOING TO SAY STAR TREK - have ALL the DVDs, even the animated                                      series

22.  PC or Mac?

23.  What phone do you have?
                   DORO 6520 (in black)

24.  How tall are you?
                   4' 11".... just

25.  Can you cook?
                   YOU BETCHYA!!!